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blaire :3 (👤) Online now!

hai! my name is blaire, my pronouns are they/she and i am 17 years old and a metal head :3

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fuck men!!!

discord is grrblaireroblox

DNI if you are racist, homophobic, transphobic, people who harass others & ask weird, personal questions!

IMPORTANT: please don't make creepy remarks u fucking weirdo

favorite games/tv shows: ori and the blind forest + will of the wisps, hollow knight (unfinished), silent hill, stray, stardew valley, resident evil 7 (unfinished). i will play roblox w my friends, but typically i'll be playing the unfinished games listed above ^^. i also enjoy breaking bad (unfinished), FTWD (unfinished), TWD (also the comics), & vampire knight!